The most important phase in every child is the early childhood phase. During this phase, we can influence and make a huge impact on the lives of the children. Nutritious foods in adequate amounts are therefore essential for everyone but particularly for children during this early childhood phase.

The health benefits of pilchards in tomato sauce are excellent as they contain vitamin B12, omega 3, vitamin D, selenium, lycopene, iodine, phosphorus, niacin, biotin, Riboflavin(B2) and calcium. It is for this reason that our CSI projects mainly focus on creches and schools. Below are some of the CSI projects supported over the last year:

  • Various creches in Mossel Bay and the Southern Cape
  • George Child Welfare
  • House Andrew Murray, a child and youth support centre in Worcester
  • Syferfontein, George. Unemployed woman are employed as caregivers for pre-school children and street children.
  • Relief for the affected victims of wild-fires in the Southern Cape.
  • Donation of 100,000 trays of canned pilchards to the DAFF World Food Day in Brandwacht
  • Blanco Soup kitchen
  • Seven Passes Initiative in Hoekville
World Food Day
Blanco Soup kitchen
George Child Welfare


Two main projects are currently being supported:
• ‘Afro Fishing Workers’ is being assisted so that they can acquire ownership in a pelagic fishing vessel.
• Several ‘Ishishini Development Centre’ job creation projects are being supported.


It is our aim to continually develop the skills of our workforce and to improve productivity in the workplace. This way we can improve job satisfaction, staff morale and employee motivation.